Hello People!

Welcome to my first Blog Ever! Im going to use this page to show different videos, dances, songs and skits that i have created or been involved in.

Below is the first clip of my life, “Pressing Bodies”. The song was co produced by myself and very talented and paitent Producer Jon Dasz. I wrote the lyrics long before the track was created, and then wanted the music to reflect what the words meant to me. The song is about the physical bond which is hard  to break with an ex boyfriend, and how easy it is to fall into old habits, believing that it will somehow heal a broken relationship, or knowing that it will only pro long the process of moving on BUT still finding it so hard to leave them alone. I wanted it to sound cold, harsh, pulsing and heavy, which is what the situation felt like to me.

In The Clip, filmed by Mike Fox and Edited by Mike Mazzotta, i wanted to reflect the same feelings. The boxes,small spaces and repeated images were intended to  give it a prison type feel, the feelings of being trapped,in many different minds sets, repeating the same mistakes and at time feeling small. Which is how i felt in this situation. Obviously there is also a very sexual element to the song, sex being used as a weapon of persuasion, control and a way to hold onto someone you have lost. And, finally, as u will discover in most of what i will post, there is a dance element, as i find it most easy to express myself through moving my body.

So ….Pressing Bodies, The First Video clip of my life. let me  know what u think.

Anjela Canalese




  1. Excellent ! Amazing girl ! j’adore I love it

    kiss Anjela


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